Frequently asked questions…

Being in the industry for decades and decades, we’ve nearly heard it all. Have a look through some of the most commonly asked questions we hear and also, what home and business owners should be aware of.

Residential FAQ’s

Vinyl Planks

Are vinyl planks waterproof?
Yes they are.
Are vinyl planks stuck down?
Yes. They are stuck with a hardset to the sub floor
Do vinyl planks scratch and if so can they be replaced?

They are scratch resistant and they can be replaced easily.

Are vinyl planks easy to clean?
Yes, they are easily maintained with a standard mop.

Hybrid Planks

Are hybrid planks water proof?

Yes they are.

How are hybrid planks installed?

They are a click-together system that is a floating floor.

Can hybrid planks go over my existing ceramic floor?

Yes, you can. Also, without any additional floor prep.

What's the difference between laminate and hybrid?

Laminate is 8-12mm thick Hybrid is 5-6mm and Hybrid is fully waterproof and much harder wearing product.


What type of carpet is suited to me?
All depending on the customers and what they want performance wise out the carpet.
What is the difference is between carpets?

Comes down to price, comfort and purpose

What is the difference with wool?
Wool is a natural product and is very good for thermal and wear but it can come with a price tag

Engineered timber

Can engineered timber be sanded?

Yes it can be sanded and re-polished or oiled

What is the benefit of engineered timber over solid timber?

It is a cost-effective way to get a nice floor with that timber look and feel.

Is engineered timber directly stuck to the slab or is it floating?
It can be both depending what the customer wants

Laminate Planks

Are laminate planks waterproof?

Some brands are. Most are not.

Do laminate planks scratch and if so, can they be replaced?
It can scratch and also can be replaced
How are laminate planks installed?
It is a floating floor similar to the Hybrid but needs underlay underneath
How thick are laminate planks?
8mm and 12mm thick

Sheet vinyl

Is sheet vinyl waterproof?
Yes it is
How is sheet vinyl installed?

It can be stuck and loose laid

Does sheet vinyl scratch?
Yes, but it can also be fixed


How is timber installed?
It can be direct stuck or on joists and nailed
How thick is timber flooring?
Thickness can vary, normally between 14mm and 23mm.


What size tile is best for my house?
Depending on the floors 600×600 is most common but can also be a pain with such a big tile in bathrooms if there are steep falls in bathroom.
Is Gloss or Satin easier to keep clean?

Satin is easier and won’t show the dust

General Residential Questions

Can old timber floors be rejuviated?

Of course. Please call us for a no obligation quote.

Do new builds require further floor preparation before flooring can be laid/installed?

It is preferred that there is no furniture but we can accommodate if there is

What carpet do you recommend for rental properties?
A Loop pile is going the be better wearing and durable.

Commercial FAQ’s

General Commercial Questions

Do you have supply commercial products?

Yes we have a large range of commercial products and can find something to suit the situation. We can also accommodate with after hours work.

Do you have all the right clearances to get access commercial sites?

All our installers have the appropriate clearances for their respective commercial sites

Can you do commercial kitchens?
We can do kitchens to meet and exceed Australian standards
Do you supply and install sound proofing solutions/acoustic products?

We have a large range of underlays and fillers we use to minimise the acoustics as much as we can

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